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How to use the word finder for Scrabble Go and Aworded

  • In the box "With these letters" type the letters you have. Wildcards with '*'
  • (Optional) Use the "Pattern" box to find words that match the pattern.
  • Example: 5 letters word staring with an E. Pattern: E????, and in "With these letters" box tpe your letters
  • A- search all words startig with A of any length. Examples: E- -AS

What is Angry Word Tricks?

Angry Word Tricks is a word finder for games like Scrabble Go, Aworded, Words with Friends, ... We use public dictionaries with thousands of words to find all the posibilities with your letters.

Important note: angrywordstricks.com has no relationship with the manufacturer of the game Aworded (Etermax) nor Scrabble Go or any of its subsidiaries. Use public domain dictionaries are updated regularly and may contain errors and words not accepted by the game. The author is not responsible for the use to be given to this service.



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